Title is appearing 3 times in blogpost

Since the update the titles of my blogs are displayed 3 times in the blogpostpage (see http://noworries.today/ ) One time in small print above the featured photo, below the featured photo in bigger fonts the title as it should be and on the right side just above the read more (in Dutch version Lees meer) once more in small print.
It does not look very nice, so I would love to hear how to resolve this issue

Thanx in advance for helping out


You can login in with the following credentials
username: colorlib
password; )1hoe&R^FUWiw6ia*b1(w)iV


Sorry about that, this problem is already reported, our developer will fix it as soon as possible:

This is happening on my site also. Hope it can be resolved. Travelify theme is perfect for my needs. Webhost (Hostgator) should be kept in the loop as their technical staff are not familiar with this problem and spent several hours with me trying to identify and correct the problem.


Sorry about that, this problem is already reported, we are waiting for the fix from the developer

Same here, I hope a fix will be released soon.

Capadomba, sorry about that, we are waiting for the fix

Hello, same problem here. How long we must wait for this “simple” fix? Its reported 12.2. and still not fixed. Any news about this problem?

Thanks and have nice day.

Hi Notforfloo, i just answered here: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/travelify-has-not-worked-well-anymore/#post-265633

Hello, any news? This look very weird… Can i edit code for some “hot fix”? Thanks alot, because its reported a long time.

Or solution can be maybe downgrade version of update?

Please help to us. Thanks.

Hi there

A downgrade would be the best thing in this case, yes, you can downgrade if the previous version did work for you

Hi, plugin WP Rollback working great! Solved 3times Title to just One! :slight_smile:

I installed the plugin, but I was only able to rollback the version of the


. Could you give me the steps to rollback the version of the theme? Thank you very much.

Disregard previous reply. I figured out how to roll back the Travelify theme to the previous version. Many thanks to all who helped. WP Rollback worked well. Now, if we could get the developer to fix the current version of Travelify, it would be very comforting!

Guys, sorry for this inconvenience, we will fix it as soon as possible, please take our apologies

It has been over six weeks since this problem was reported. Where is the fix? I downgraded to a previous version of Travelify. That worked for a short period, then the site automatically upgrades to the latest version and I have to downgrade again. If this is going to be a permanent issue, please inform the users soon.

Can anyone help me rollback to previous (working) version? I installed WP Rollback but I can’t find how to rollback the theme. Any help would be much appreciated. Or send me the previous version of the theme, would also help me a lot

Hello Weijdem

Please check screenshots at the bottom of the page: WP Rollback – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Thanks for the help, old version restored, problem solved

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions