Title not showing on single page + too small leading/padding?


I hope you can help me out with the following:

I also hope there is a fix where we can change the text from related posts to “omdat je deze blog hebt gelezen”. And what is the code to add related posts to single pages. That should always be a possibility.


Hi @vdvsh,

Increase the line height with this css code:

#header .bottom-header h2 {
    line-height: 1;

Try to change the title of related articles to your text using CSS:

.blog-post-related-articles .related-article-title:after {
content:omdat je deze blog hebt gelezen;

If this doesn’t work, maybe you could help us translate the theme here:

Regarding the post to single pages, let me see if this is possible, I will ask the developer team and I will get back at you asap.



Hi Cristian,

none of the two solutions are working unfortunately. Hopefully your developer knows how to add the related post and perhaps he can also delete the extra image that is inserted, since it’s really not useful on the single page. It should be possible since the featured image isn’t copied on the blog posts as well.

I’ll take a look and translate some things for you so the translations in Dutch can be used (even though the thing we want in isn’t to exact translation). But you help us out with asking your developer and with your responses so I’ll get you some translations. No problem!

Hope you have some fixes and your developer knows a fix for the related posts and the double image on the single page.php.