Title Points Color (and others) won't change.

Hey there. I’m trying to get this to update to yellow, but it won’t update. The best I can do is change the whole title color.

I also can’t seem to get an editor working so that I can see the CSS in the customizer.

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile: Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

/*title dot colors*/
#header .bottom-header span.span-dot {
    color: #fb0909;

Sorry, but your second question is not so clear for me :frowning:

Colorlib Support Team

That didn’t work.

The second question is I don’t have access to the text editor while customizing, either in the dashboard or in appearance - customize. Not sure if that is as intended.

Also, the YouTube videos don’t have sound, so I’m trying to do this as best as I can without that resource :slight_smile:


Please provide url of your website and i will take a look why css is not working
Regarding the second question, this is default WordPress functions, please activate one of default WordPress theme and let me know if you have the same problem

This is a staging site. Hope this works. :slight_smile:

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hm, not clearly understand your last question, maybe you forgot about url ? :slight_smile:

Sorry about the late reply. Been very busy at work :slight_smile:

URL is http://eddielaw.net

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Ok, back to the question,
on your screenshot i see only place where additional css can be added, you can not use this for text, please take a look at the right side and click on the pencil icon, once you do this you will see new text box will appear where you can add or change text,

I can change text without a problem. The problem is the title points color does not work or update when I change the color (it remains white, even though it should be yellow). Adding additional CSS through “customize” does not work.

When I click on the pencil to add or change the text I can choose a title point color but it doesn’t actually change.

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Ok, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private! Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team


Also, I seem to have a bunch of problems with how the site responds on mobile, with a white edge, pictures not centering, even Jetpack and Yoast seem to think there’s nothing on the site.

Also, the size of the buttons gets weird on mobile, along with white border on the right and images not scaling. And I deactivated Fancybox. Activating it prevents pencils and changes colors in ways that make the “projects” section unreadable.

HI mhyst

To be honest, I’m not sure what is your problem, I just tried customizer and everything is working in it normally, you can see i have added text “I changed this text” in the contact area, can you please provide steps on how exactly i can replicate your problem?

The title points color doesn’t change to yellow. Can you change it? I can add text just fine, but the title points won’t change. Also, if you deactivate fancybox, all the pencils disappear and colors change.


its working, please check your website, i just changed title colors for:
Our Approach
Not Sure if You Need a Trust and Probate Attorney?

But that wasn’t the text I wanted to change. What I am looking for is changing the period/full stops in the Hero to yellow, like the demo content.

I saw the changes you did to yellow in the other sections, but the Jumbotron section “title points color” is not changing. I can change the font color in the Jumbotron just fine.

I figured it out. In the text field I was missing the “<span class=“span-dot”>.</span>” line. Wow, that was a pain to figure out!