Titles Headlines are H2, but should be H1 - important for SEO

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I love the Theme Travelify. Someone give me SEO-feedback to my Website. He told me, the titles are not H1. The titels should be H1, not H2.

Can you tell me, how to change all Titel-Headlines from H2 to H1? This is important for SEO. Maybe you should do a new release for everybody?

Please see the attached picture and/or on my website https://www.morbus-crohn-news.de , there you can see all titles are H2, not H1.

Thank you for your help


Picture attached now, thank you

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I’m sorry to say but there is no easy option to change h2 tag into h1, without template customization this is not possible, please also note several h1 tags is not good on one page, so, please check this too

I have the same problem as Andy here.
I have a SEO checked my website and she said that what I write within the “Title” of my post should appear in the code as H1 so, within the text, I can add H2, H3, H4 etc.
However… my post titles are not H1 on the code.

Is there any way to include that the “title” of my posts are H1???

My website is: www.sinmapa.net

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Ah, by the way, I am not talking about the HOME, but about every single post on my website… I need the title of each post to be considered H1. Within the text I always start with H2 and follow with H3, H4 and so on.
Here is an example:

But it happens on every single post.

Hey there

Guys, I’m sorry to say but this is how the template is coded, it’s possible to change it but this will require customization of the template.
Alternatively, you can manually insert h1 tag into your page

Hi, Noda. Thanks for your reply.
It is very important for mw to have titles as H1 so I am even willing to change one by one all the titles for H1, just tell me how to do it and I will.

One question. Do you think this could work (so I don’t have to change one by one all my 500 posts)?


And change h2 per H1 in lines 127 y 129??

Do you think this could work? Thanks for your help!!!

Good morning

yes, it should work
You can use this plugin to identify file used to render a particular page: