Titles - Pages and Posts

Hi there

How can I

  1. Not show page titles on pages

  2. Show titles on blog posts.

… at the same time.

I know I can control titles in the - Customising ▸ Blog SettingsBlog Single Settings - area of the theme. but these are global settings across all pages/posts.

Webpage - http://movingmadeeasy.live-website.com/

Many thanks

Hi there

Its not our theme, please contact to the theme author

please contact to theme editor.

The theme is Shapely by Colorlib?

@Pablos please take my apologies, its so modified I was not able to recognize it

Regarding your question, as I can see right now you are not using titles anywhere, for pages you have custom made title section and blog page does not have titles,

Thank you for taking a look. I think we might be getting a little confused.

Go to blog listings page and you will see the name of each blog … Blog – Moving Made Easy

When you then go to a blog the title of the blog doesn’t show - Help to Buy extended until 31st May – Moving Made Easy

The problem is that when I go to ‘Customising ▸ Blog Settings > Blog Single Settings’ and turn the ‘Show the title above the post’ on, this also shows the page names on static pages e.g. ‘Preferred Partner Scheme – Moving Made Easy’. Which I don’t want.

I want to be able to:

  1. Turn have the titles show on blog posts

  2. NOT have the titles show on static pages

Thank you

Hi Pablos

Ok, got it, can you please send me your admin details in a private reply? click on my name and use message button

Hi, I sent some admin details, did you get them ok?

This case is closed