to assign a specific text for the slider (no default text)


First, I’m sorry for my English, it’s not good. But I’ll try very hard to explain my question:
Please, tell me how can I assign the size of the text – number of letters or sentences in the slider? Now there is too large piece of text in slider((( Or, it will better, how can I assign a specific text for the slider?

If it is unclear asked, clarify please, I will explain more accurately. And if there was already similar question, please write a link, I couldn’t find a search((

Thank you!

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
change text appearance can be done by this css, add it in appearance > customize > additional css:

.flex-caption h2 {
    color: #ffffff;
    font-size: 28px;

unfortunately you cant add custom text in the slider :frowning: only full post title can be displayed here

don’t worry about your English, it’s pretty good :slight_smile:

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Noda, have a good day!
Thank you for answer!
Let me clarify some moments - where can I find file additional css in folder wp-content/themes/travelify?
I use FileZilla and before that I used the file style.css to change text appearance. I cant find flex-caption h2 there (in .style.css).
Now do I need to create new file additional css? Or do I need to look it in the subfolders of the /travelify more carefully?

And in this case (I cant add custom text in the slider) let me ask next questions:

  1. I can add only full post title can be displayed in slader - clear, but how does the “code” recognize how much text to show in the slider below post title?
  2. If it’s a standard unchangeable option can I add only full post title without any text below (text from article)?

I want to apply smaller images 1018x280px for slider, and it will be too much text for this size by standard option((( As for my site, it’s too much text for standart images’s size 1018x460px also.
How can I solve this problem else?

Thank you for kind words about my English, I’m very glad to see them!!

Noda, hello!
I.m a little simpleton)))
I understood what additional css mean))) Simply I need to add some new code in css file)))
I could not find words .flex–caption h2, and I made the title font size smaller in this way:
featured-text .featured-title {
font: 22px Helvetica, sans-serif;
It seems to work)))

And I could display post title without any text below (only one post title) in this way:
.featured-text {
font-size: 0;

It’s not wise code, nevertheless it works.
But slider is not good-looking now also: it need a small piece of text((
I’m really looking forward to the solution, how can I set the size of the displayed text in slider smaller than in the standard version. Don’t reduce the font size - reduce the number of displayed words from the post))
Thank you in advance!

Hi there

  1. no need to change any files, please read my message :slight_smile: code must be added in the WordPress menu > appearance > customize and then additional css
    2., unfortunately, there is no control over text amount in the slider, its pulled from the blog post automatically, there is no option to change this function in the theme, sorry :frowning:

Noda, thank you a lot! Have a very good week!!

I just now saw how I can assign a specific text for the slider. It was very simple! There is field Fragment/Excerpt/Extrac . At least in the my WP version. I “did not notice the elephant”))

Travelify is the perfect theme!!

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