To big margin between text and vimeo box

Hi there,
I can’t figure out what’s causing the much to big empty space above and below the vimeo video on this page:

While working on backend the margin is fine but watching on frontend there is so much ugly empty space. I want them to be the same spaces than between regular paragraphs.

Any idea for solving this issue is very welcome


Hi Chris

Its size of the entire Vimeo video, so, there is nothing to change: Screenshot by Lightshot

Ah ok and thanx for the quick responce. Maybe the useless empty space can be reduced on my vimeo settings. I will have a look at this there …
Or as a shortcut does anyone has the same experience with a vimeo box and knows how to fix it with vimeo settings :slight_smile:


I’ve got it: The embedding code from vimeo site has to be placed with an “individual html” block and not inserted in a “vimeo block” . Than everything is OK. There are no more useless empty spaces above and below the video on frontend view.

On backend you see only the pure enbedding code and no preview of the video. But that doesn’t matter , mostimortant is the final view on front end and this is now as it should be. Wonderful I’m happy with that.

Ah, that’s nice solution :slight_smile: thanks for sharing it