Too many H1 headings: how to remove them?


My SEO check service informed me that there are to many H1 headings on the home page of my site

So i checked the code and i found a H1 heading in every parallax section, whereas I just need only H2s.

I tried to fix the issue with CSS adjustments but id did not work: the code (obviously)
still shows something like the screenshot below.

Can you help me to have only H2 headings on every parallax section of my homepage?

Thank you.

Hi there

Are you using any third-party plugins? Please deactivate them and try again…
Make sure you have plain text entered in the text fields


I just need only an H2 heading instead of an H1. So I used some CSS styles in the text fields. Without these CSS styles I would have only H1s and no H2 on my landing page.
How to fix this?

Hi there

Not clearly get your last message, can you check my previous message?
also please provide URL to the page