Top Notification color change, header font and drop down color change

Hello, I’m trying change the color of top notification but not being able to find it in main.css. And when I hide it inn theme settings/header it only hides the message and not the bar. Secondly I tried changing the fonts of Menu to Ubuntu from setting and from main.css but of no use. would like to change its drop down color to white also not use the skin color. Any help regarding this matter would be highly appreciated.

the website is
storefront passwordf:124567

Ok sorted the color thing. But still stuck at header fonts


Password is not working for the frontpage, can you check it?

Ok i used another menu app for the menu. but even that is not showing the Ubuntu font. have written to them also

and sorry about the password its 1234567

I believe i’ve messed up something, becuase Ubuntu is not showing anywhere

Hello, any update regarding the fonts?


Ok, now I see the site,

color of top notification - What exactly you want to change here?