Translate address in shapely_home_contact-2

How i can translate address in shapely_home_contact-2 .

Thank you

Hi there

just like any other strings in the theme address can be also translated by the default translation method,
do you have any trouble with it?

Using Poedit ? I don’t see address, perhaps i do it wrong ?


Yes, you can use poedit as well, there is also other online translation plugins like Loco translate which does the same job but with less steps than poedit :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick reply.

I don’t find it in Loco Translate. I think it’s hard coded in the widget : [Shapely] Contact Section For FrontPage]
But i don’t find it in the source code


I will report this problem to our developers,
meanwhile, you can use this plugin to find any string anywhere in WordPress

Same problem. The plugin what-the-file doesn´t point to correct file where the term “address” is.
Impossible to translate. Loco translate don´t find the term. Waiting solution too.

Good morning

this problem is already reported in our bug tracking system: