Translate Filter tag category page ( Fashe )

nothing in your documentation and translatable string to translate filter tag on category page…
where we can edit this??


Hey there

Sorry about that, you want to say that strings are not included in the translation file? in this case, you can use this plugin to search and translate them in the theme: String locator – WordPress plugin |


Im on shopify not wordpress…

A lot of string are not translable !
See attached the date, i cannot edit ! Why publish a theme if we cannot translate

Instagram API feed depreciated not up to date too…

Your theme cannot be used…

And also no Fashe topic on your forum… ???

Hey there

If you are using Fashe theme then my suggestion was useless because it was only for WordPress, if you are using Fashe then you need to translate it like any other Shopify theme,
Sorry, no Fashe forum yet but you can use other to post questions related to Fashe theme