Translate frontpage sections with wmpl


after searching all related posts in this forum, I can’t a way to translate my content in jumbotron and other frontpage sections.

Steps I took:

  1. install clean wp, latest atm, 4.8.2.
  2. install Illdy, latest version atm, 2.0.4
  3. Install Child Theme Configurator
  4. Create and activate Illdy Child Theme
  5. Install and activate WPML Multilingual CMS & WPML String Translation
  6. Setting wpml as my language as default language and English as second language
  7. Create a home page and create the corerenspondent page in English
  8. Go to Appearance - > Customize - > Static Front Page and asign my hamepage as front page
  9. Appearance - > Customize - > Front Page Sections -> Jumbotron Section where editing the Clean.Slick.Pixel Perfect to my needed text.

Now, how I translate in English my needed text (as in jumbotron title)?
I was expecting to find my custom jumbotron title in WPML - > String Translation, but no luck, not even after scaning Strings in the themes in WPML -> Theme and plugins localization

thank you!

this doesn’t help, as I can’t find my new jumbotron title in po file.

If needed, I can provide via pm ftp and wp-admin login credentials.

Hey there,

You may take a look at this awesome plugin that allows you to translate single words or sentences.

Say What Plugin

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you may navigate to Tools>Text Changes>Add New within your WordPress Dashboard and configure the fields as illustrated below.

Original string: one reply to
Text domain: illdy
Text context:
Replacement string: text you want to translate

Please let me know if there are any more questions that I can answer for you.

Best regards,

Hi, Mike, just found the problem.

WPML -> String Translation -> Translate texts in admin screens (textlink, bottom left in dashboard).

The problem is I knoe for sure that when I first worked to this project, a few month ago, I did this process, but a few days ago I found translation broken.

Now, I am not sute what not to trust: the theme or wpml. For sure, I belive that having strings in Customizer is not a good ideea. I think Customizer shoud be used only for settings, not for content.

Thank you for Say What suggestion, I’ll give it a try.

Okay, let me know how it turns out,

I’ll also make a note of this and pass it on to the developer for improvements.

Breast Regards,

Hello, Mike,

just like I predicted, yesterday everything was ok, today the English version of jumbotron & the rest of front page sections’ strings are not translated anymore. Could be a conflict between theme and wpml’s string translation.
or, could be from the fact that the website is hosted on the server that runs php 5.4.28.


Hi @solarian,

WPML works just fine with the theme, instead WPML string translation you can try Loco Translate – WordPress plugin | OR Can you exactly tell what steps you did and what things are missing when using WPML?

Also, ask your host to increase the PHP version at least 5.6+. If they install PHP 7, that would be good, because WordPress encourage users to update PHP to latest version always.

Let us know,


hey, @laranz,

thank yopu for your answer.

I really think that my problem is due to 5.4 php version.

I will get back as soon I’ll manage to test it again, with a most recent php version.


Hello there,

If you are using PHP 5.4 then you need to upgrade to 5.6 or 7.0 to ensure that WordPress works correctly.

Best Regards,