Translating text in "Call For Action Text" WPML

is there a way to translate the text set in the “Call For Action Text” from the theme options using the WPML translation plugin?

Thank you for your help!


For that you need to add this file to your Dazzling theme folder. Not sure if it will work via Child Theme but it is worth the shot.

Then go to WPML Settings >> String translation and click button “Save options and rescan strings”. Then you will see new strings added that you will be able to translate like other strings. If you find that some other strings are missing please let me know.

I will prepare this for upcoming theme update and it will be available for everyone. It would be great if you could test it. Thank you!

Hi Aigars,
Thank you very much for your quick feedback. I added the file and the text for w2f_cfa_text now shows up in the wpml settings. I am able to translate the text but the frontend still shows the original langauge. Is there anything else I need to do?

If you have a separate page for each language (if static page is used as front page) that it should work just fine. Also make sure to click “Translation is complete” when you have translated that extra string.

Let me know if this help.s

Hmm unfortunately not. Might be because I am using a child theme of dazzling. I tried adding the xml to the child theme folder as well but that didn’t change anything. Front page is static and everything else on it is being translated. Status says “Translation complete”. Any other ideas?


Finally figured out what is going on. It was issue with Options Framework that I am using for Theme Options. It caused issues only with Child Theme + WPML.

It is a rather big change and you will need to reinstall Dazzling parent theme from Github. However, it shouldn’t affect Child Theme, so it’s all good.

It will take some time before this theme will be available via WordPress dashboard as automated update.

Let me know if everything is sorted now.

Wow, thank you very much. It works now!