Translation works, but not for comment title

My website ist translated to German. All the items are OK, but the comment title doesn’t work. See my settings and the result in pictures. Have you any ideas?


Good morning and thank you for using our product :slight_smile:

Is this a post comment or page comment? make sure all your WordPress strings are translated and check again,
please show me the link of this page/post

Than you for your response.

It is a page comment.
Example site: Wandern in Stolberg Harz - Tour Talsperre Neustadt / Burgruine Hohnstein

I add the translation file. I have search in it for “comment” and all this issues are translated.


The file…

Good morning

Ok, in this case, you have to manually translate such files, you can use this plugin to search string in any WordPress theme files, String locator – WordPress plugin |
let me know if this worked