Transparant header


I can’t get my header to be transparent
and the code i found overhere:
#header .is-sticky .top-header {
background-color: #00000026;
doesn’t work :slight_smile:
and I don’t have conflicting plugins
thank you!

Is for the website

Hi there

I see you want to make your sticky header transparent?

You have to use this code:

nav.fixed.scrolled {
background: #0000 !important;

the nonsticky header can not be transparent because it has a white main body under it

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thank you,
a sticky transparent header is what I mean indeed
only the code doesn’t work unfortunately…
could I try something else?

all best

oo hahah yes i got i now… :sweat_smile:

thank you!

That’s great :slight_smile:

Have a good day