Transparent Content Area

Hi, I am Can and I recently activated the Travelify theme on my website.
But I can’t figure out how to make the writing area transparent.

Hey there

Is this a travel theme? please provide a link to the page and i will check

yes it ist the Travelify Version: 3.0.4.
Thank you but now i use a other theme.
The website is at moment on a test server:

But maybe I will use it if you have an idea how to make it transparent.

Hey there

Yes but this is not our theme, I cant provide support for other theme and while its other theme I cant also check the problem, i need to see the problem to generate custom CSS

Hi, yeah, okay, I get it. I have changed it.

One more thing. Can I also make this area smaller? So less distance to the top?

My wish is that the page looks as transparent as possible like here:

This one was created with Joomla. But I want to switch to Wordpress. The look of the Website should stay the same.
That’s why I’m trying to adapt the template so that it resembles this one as much as possible.

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.widget, article {
background: transparent;

Colorlib Support Team

Great, that worked.

Thanks for your support!

Do you also have an idea how to get the logo higher up?

Hey there

You just need to use a better image with the less transparent area around:

Thanks, I missed that :slight_smile:

You are welcome

Feel free to open new tickets :slight_smile: