Travelify Full Content Sticky


Is anyone able to help me display the full content of the sticky post on my home page.

I have tried all sorts of things but just can’t get it to work!

My website is


Hi Tanya,

Thank you for your question.

You have to develop custom code to achieve this.

Alternatively you can try achieving this by adding whole post content in that sticky post excerpt field.

Best Regards,


Thanks for this - I’m not a coder so won’t be able to develop custom code.

I tried your other solution and it half works - it shows all the text but doesn’t display the route map; only the code input to display the route map as below:

Check out our interactive map of the rough route we’ll take from The UK to Cambodia.

We’ll update this en-route with any last minute plan changes or detours.

[nwm_map zoom=“2.5”]

Any idea how I can get the map to show instead of [nwm_map zoom=“2.5”] please?


You can try making that shortcode work by suing the solutions posted in the following topics.