Travelify has not worked well anymore...

for some days the Travelify theme has not worked well anymore.
In the Home Page you can see the title in small print before the image and also the first image is in full size.
The site is
Thanks for the support.

I attach image.

On my website I have exactly the same issue, I would very much appreciate a solution

Hi there

No worries guys, I can help, Mclausi, can you please provide your access details privately? the same thing is not happening for me

what are “access details”? Username and password of my site?!?

Yes, please provide access details privately, I will check what’s going on

I’m sorry but I don’t feel like giving you my access details.

Hi Noda

You can have a look at my website as I have exactly the same issue as mclausi.

Let me know if you find a solution so we can share it with mclausi

Thanks in advance


HI Wheijdem

Thank you, but I removed your private details from this thread since it’s not your, please start a new ticket and provide them again, I will check it immediately

Can I give you access with this plugin?


Hi Noda. I started a new thread:

Thanx in advance for helping out


Hi there

Thank you guys, this problem is reported, our developer will investigate and fix it as soon as possible

Hello, ahh, i watch the issues on github and dont feel like some fix coming … its like some programmers are not active. Can you bring us some news about this?

Thanks and have nice day!

Once again please take my apologies, I’ve sent a mail to the owner of the company, please take my apologies

I also have the name of the post in the bottom block under the post. How to get rid of it?

Have you found a solution?
Thank you.

No, returned theme version 3.0.1

So sorry about that