Travelify language switcher using qTranslate

Hello Aigars again!
I still enjoy Travelify! THANKS.
As my photo site ( is in 3 languages (Hungarian, English and French) I use qTranslate. It has a widget one may place on the site.
I am wondering to use a ONE colomn layout. And… it would be nice, I think, to place the language-switch in the header, on the right side, next to the Title of the site.
How could this be done? May be a new widger area there? Or…?


Look up for site-description inside header-extensions.php and right after the end of that code part add the HTML part of this

<ul class="languages">
	<li><a href="/" class="qtrans_flag_hu qtrans_flag_and_text" title="Magyar"><span>Magyar</span></a></li>
	<li><a href="/en/" class="qtrans_flag_en qtrans_flag_and_text" title="English"><span>English</span></a></li>
	<li><a href="/fr/" class="qtrans_flag_fr qtrans_flag_and_text" title="Français"><span>Français</span></a></li>

And add CSS part to Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS.

.languages li {
    display: inline-block;

This is very basic way to implement this but most likely there are some short codes for this plugin that will make this process even easier.

Some additional styling might be required for this to make it look smoother.


I went on and made some research after your suggestions… and this is what I did:

I added THIS:

in the header.php file before

It seems to work… however, may be… there is a more elegant solution where the position of switcher in NOT absolute but relative to the edge, and changes with the size of the theme…
What do you think?

THANKS a lot for all

div style = 'position: absolute; top: 83px; right: 55px;'
?php qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode('both'); ?

So far so good.

Try placing your code inside header-extensions.php somewhere around social icons. Since your HTML is within the actual header which is defined inside header-extensions.php you can’t do much to position it relatively to your website.

Hello Aigars
Thanks for the great theme. I use it for a multilingual website with qTranslate. I placed the language switch flag in the header by using the code in header.php.

Do you have any help how I could place these switcher flags in the right area of the menu bar?