Travelify - Menus on mobile with plugin WP Responsive Menu shows both menus

Hi, I own a blog for which the underlying theme is Travelify.

I have a menu of the site for the desktop version. To make it mobile friendly I used the plugin WP Responsive Menu (The Free Version). Now, after enabling the same I can see both menus on mobile. The one configured with Responsive Menu and the default one visible for the desktop site. And by no means I can find an option to selectively disable the desktop menu for mobile in Travelify theme. All I want to achieve is :

  1. Enable the WP responsive menu for mobile - but don’t show the desktop menus in mobile. Currently both menus are being showed.
  2. If opened in desktop - Just show the desktop menu. This is happening, so no issues.

Request you to help me with the same. Thanks in advance.

Good morning

what i only see right now on the mobile version is default mobile menu, i can’t see the menu from the responsive menu plugin, i can help you do hide default theme menu on mobile but first please enable responsive menu for mobiles