Travelify Slider problem. Help please!! :)


Great theme, if I can get it working properly it will be really helpful.

I’ve just started a new job at a company using a really ugly wordpress theme, (which they wasted loads of money on… :()

Anyway, now they want me to fix the website… and I haven’t used wp in ages!!

So I’ve found travelify, installed it, most things seem to be working pretty well.

Only problem is the slider, I can’t get it to display anything…
I had a look at the page code:
<section class=“featured-slider”><div class=“slider-cycle”></div>
<nav id=“controllers” class=“clearfix”>
</nav><!-- #controllers --></section><!-- .featured-slider --></header>

And unlike on the demo page there is no:
<div class=“slides displayblock”><figure>… etc

It’s like it’s making no attempt to pull the pictures in.
Also on the posts themselves, the featured images are not being displayed.
(These two issues are def connected I think)

Do you have any idea what may be the cause of this problem?
(The website is password protected/not available to the public, so unfortunately I don’t have a link to give you)

Figured it out!! Not sure what was the problem, but please ignore this post.