Travelify swipeable slider?

Hi, congratulations for the great theme and apologies if this topic is inappropriate in any way. I have a slider of five images on my home page and have adjusted the child theme code to make the images non-clickable as I didn’t want the posts to be displayed. However what I’d really love to do is to instead make the images swipeable? By this I mean that for touchscreen users, the slider images can be swiped left or right in order to display the next or the previous image, rather than having to wait for normal timed transition or use the little navigation squares? Thanks in advance for any info/advice you can provide.

heyt here

I’m so sorry to say but this is not possible without customization of the template, my suggestion is to find appropriate slider plugin with swipe support, unfortunately at this moment this is not possible :frowning:

Hi - OK thanks for the reply. Maybe one to put on the development list for the future!

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You can make a feature request to our developer using the following link:

This way the developer would know of your interest of the feature directly.

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