Travelify Theme Version 3.0 - What's new?

My Wordpress says, that there is a new version 3.0 of the theme.
But on your page, there is always version 2.4.1 as latest version.
Is there an new version? And if, what is new?


Thank you for notifying!

I have updated theme landing page and you can see more info here: Travelify - Awesome & Responsive Free Travel WordPress Theme - Colorlib

This update removes custom Theme Options framework in favor to WordPress Customizer. Now you can customize Travelify theme the same way as all features are there but you can do it via live preview mode. A huge usability improvement.

Can I customize all features? Really?
What do you mean with “This update might break Child Themes”?
I’m using the Child Theme. Should I make the update?

It’s the same theme with the same functionality but now everything is done via WordPress Customizer instead of Theme Options panel.

It depends what customizations you have in the Child Theme. If it’s just CSS then you are going to be fine, if there are some more advanced tweaks in code then it might break. Make sure to backup your website before you attempt to install this update when using a Child Theme.

it changes the style.css? because with every update all comes back to be green and LTR and then I need to style it all over again :frowning:


Color changes can be done via Theme Customizer and no need to touch style.css. And even if you do then never edit style.css directly but use a Child Theme for that or Custom CSS field.

There aren’t any major changes in style.css but WordPress will replace the entire theme even when the files that weren’t touched my updated. That’s how WordPress theme updates works.