Trouble especially with Desktop format of Blaskan 3.0.1

Is the Desktop format of this 3.0.1 theme complete?

Since 2013, I’ve been a Blaskan theme user on my Wordpress site. Today I upgraded to the 3.0.1 Blaskan version and am challenged to find a way to make the “new” theme work on in a Desktop theme layout. The mobile/responsive format looks fine on when I view my website on mobile devices. Though it is very different than the Blaskan Theme I used to have.

I’d like to get your support with these three questions:

  1. Is the Desktop format complete? Have you seen what the new version of Blaskan looks like on a Desktop computer? If not complete, when?

  2. What is needed to fix the Title/Heading of my website and tagline underneath and the main menus on the home and other pages of my Desktop theme?

  3. No more side bars (with widgets options on side) in Desktop format? Could you direct me to any demos of Desktop layouts that you think look good with the new theme? I can’t visualize right now how to make this new version of the theme work for Desktop layout. Too much sacrifice of readability on Desktop as the layout doesn’t look right as is.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

  1. The desktop is complete, however your sidebar does not appear.
  2. The title and the tagline appear to be fine on my end.
  3. Blaskan still has the sidebar but it does appear in your case.

This issue could be a bug in the theme so I will create an issue for the developer to have a look.

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I’m trying to make this “new” version of Blaskan theme work for me. Unfortunately, it’s taking too much time. I probably will switch my site to a different theme. This latest version of “Blaskan” does not a appear as an “update” to the prior Blaskan theme but seems an entirely new look and limited features from the original theme I used since 2013.

Some features and look on the new version I like, but overall I don’t see how I can make this new version work for me long term. Since updating to the new theme my traffic to site has dropped in half.

Hello there,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

I checked the site and you already changed the theme but you can continue using our themes any point in the future.

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