Turn off Date Published & Author on pages

Hello, I’m using the Shapely theme which I enjoy very much.

I created my first page that is not the home page, and when I created it, I noticed that it automatically places the date created and the author beneath the featured image. I’m using the full width template. This information is unnecessary and I would like to hide or delete it from all pages. It’s OK to have it there on Posts but on Pages it is unnecessary. How can I do this?

Page in question: http://www.sheepscotfinancial.com/merchant-services/
I would like to suppress the date and author as shown in the attached image.

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I have the same request

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.page .entry-meta {
display: none;

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@silsurf - so I may have found a work-around buried in the menus.

I found if you have your page active in the Pages screen, go to Appearance > Blog Settings > Blog Single Settings and click the switches for “Show the Date” and “Show the Author” it will make those disappear. Unfortunately, it does this for all blog posts as well, but those can be added back in manually so it’s not that big a deal.

It appears the developers can’t differentiate between, or have confused what is needed, on Pages vs. Posts. I would always want date/author on a blog Post but would never want it on a Page.

There is also a switch to turn off the monstrous header box, which takes up like 25% of the screen when it is activated. That was going to be my next question, but luckily it’s in the same screen.

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I am missing something in your post. Not sure what it means to have “page active” in the pages screen? My “Appearance” in the sidebar does not show “Blog Settings > Blog Single Settings”

It this in the Shapely Customizing editor or in the WP editor? Thanks very much, I am also very interested in turning off the “the monstrous header box”

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In my screen I go to:

Appearance > Customize > Blog Settings > Blog Single Settings. The first four switches will turn off the date, author, and page/post titles, which will make the header disappear.

As a workaround, I added the page title back in the body of the page where needed. I’m sure there is a way in CSS to make the header smaller, but it’s ugly anyway IMO.

See attached image if my description is not clear.

Got it! Thanks very much!!


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