two problems, page size/ kali form. please check asap

Hello. We have two problems.

  1. When we check the website with phone/ iPad,
    the whole page size is smaller than the screen.
    So, when scrolling, the page moves a lot. (check the attachment)

  2. Kali form doesn’t send confirmation emails to the email address written down.
    I think it’s mainly in Safari, when push the submit button in the contact form, only the processing(loadding) symbol appears.
    I am communicating with Kali form about this problem… but still it doesn’t have exact problem.
    So I also ask you.

Please asnwer as soon as possible you can.
Thank you so much!

  • for referance)

The site is :

If you can’t fix the 2nd problem about Kali forms, then please make us use the Contact Form7.

It is the temporary login link:

Thank you so much in advance.