Two sliders for each language for Dazzling WordPress theme

Hi Colorlib,
I translated my web site using Polylang, it works quiet well…I also translated titles and excerpts of the featured images so that i have two sliders, the first one in french the other one in _en. It appears that on my french home page and on the english home page the same slider is used because i can get only one slider at a time (i only can switch from one to the other).
My question is: how can i have two sliders one for the english home page and one for the french home page ? Do i need two different home pages using two different front-page ?
Thanks in advance…

There is no easy workaround for this as theme supports only one slider and one slider only. You have the following options:

  1. Use WPML plugin instead which is far better than Polylang or any other multilingual plugin out there. It is fully compatible and tested with Dazzling theme.

  2. Use some third party slider such as Meta Slider, Revolution Sluder or other plugin for that.

  3. Develop your own slider based on Flexslider which is already included with theme. Here is one example for that.

Thanks a lot for the answer…I’ll try that…

Hi there…
a last word to close this topic and resolve it.
As i said i translated the web site using Polylang so that i have one home page in french and the other in engligh. I built two sliders one in french and one in english with related articles in fr and in en.
The slider switch automatically in the right language.
So it does work!

Thank you for reporting it! Will keep in mind that this theme is Polylang compatible as well.

However, for all my website I will continue to use WPML because of their outstanding support. It is a paid plugin but you can what you pay for and they answer every single question on their support forum and even provide with code examples and edit your theme in case you are having difficulties to do it your own.

Let me know if there is anything else.

Hello @popov
I just read this post, and I have the same problem. In you last post you said “I built two sliders one in french and one in english with related articles in fr and in en.”
How did you do that?