Two-tier menu

I added the CSS and functions.php code from the following thread, to add two-tier menus to my Sparkling child theme:

It’s working for screens that use the regular menu, but not for small device screens. So, I imagine the problem has something to do with a media query.

I’d be happy to provide my site link privately.


Hi @slobjones,

Thank you for your question.

For the smaller screen you can use the menu provided by following plugin.

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To continue the discussion, either with the Responsive Menu plugin or the code I referenced from another thread in this forum, my responsive menu is disappearing behind the site content.

I’ve tried z-index settings in the CSS, but the problem continues.

Movin, can you determine z-index or positioning CSS that will get those menus to display properly?


Following up on my recent post, the Responsive Menu plugin is working correctly, although it’s quite unattractive and does not fit the look of the theme. I’ll use it if other options fail.

However, I would still prefer to avoid the plugin and use CSS for the two-tier menu. For that matter, I would think it would be an overall benefit to the Sparkling theme to have two-tier menus built in by default.

Again, the CSS in this other thread provides a good start:

All we need is to get that responsive menu to sit on top of other content!

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

Just to follow up, I’m now using the WP Responsive Menu plugin.

It’s far simpler than the Responsive Menu plugin referenced above, and it’s free:

Yes both those plugins are free and you can use any of them.