Tyche and Dokan

Evething is allright with Tyche theme with Dokan multivendor plugin, except for one page http://realisation-site-web.fr/market/Boutiques/fruitsetlegumes/
if you compare with this one
Pommes | Champigny Market
your can see that all is on the left side with no center as in the second url.
I’m new with that and don’t know what to do ?
Thanks for help.

hey there

One that is visible normally is default Woo commerce and theme style, the second one which is fill width is Docan product and its not compatible in the style with the theme, im not sure if this can be fixed, but anyway you have to contact plugin authors if they have any solution


Thanks for your reply, i’m trying that :wink:
Kind regards

You are welcome :slight_smile: