Tyche Sample Links broken

These links are broken please send new ones https://colorlibvault-divilabltd.netdna-ssl.com/tychedemo.wordpress.xml https://colorlibvault-divilabltd.netdna-ssl.com/tyche-widgets.wie


New download links for the theme demo content and widgets:

Hi, links don’t work. Can you help me?


It works fine for me, right-click on it and use Save as from the context menu


just in time to upload me a sale that happens to be an error and it doesn’t come up

hi @carloscm11 im sorry, but not clearly get your your problem, please add little bit more details

at the time of loading the tychedemo.wordpress.xml I get that an error occurred and I cannot continue with the installation of the theme

Hi there

Try this link instead:

is this the error that I get when importing the file

Hey there

Please check if Woocomerce was already installed on the site,
If you are not going to utilize the shop then you may disregard those messages

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when I activate the tychedemo.wordpress.xml and the Woocommerce the page automatically I get that the page does not work


WOuld you mind providing a little bit more info? do you have import xml files?

Yes, it happens to me after importing the tychedemo.wordpress.xml and activating Woocommerce


Please try files attached in this ticket:

am facing a similar problem .tychedemo.wordpress.xml did not uploaded and imported completely .
please help me how to fix this Problem
thank you …


this case closed: