Typography headers color

Through Theme Options -> Typography I’m able to change the font colors when link and when hovering. However, this affects everything but the header colors when in front page (where it is a link to the post). I would like to change the link/hover color of it, but can’t find out where.

Off topic: Is there any search box for the forum? I’m afraid to post something already asked, but I can’t find a search box to check. :S

Not really sure what you meant by that, could you please post your website URL, so I can look into it?

There is search in the main forum page and on the forum sidebar on the right side.

Here’s the website.

I want to change the color “Próxima Quedada” style gets when you hover it. Right now it’s a pinky tone (the default one // I’m colorblind). I want to change it to the color that I used on buttons (the brown one).

PD: I’ve seen the search box. I don’t know how I missed it. >.<

You can use option “Top nav item hover color” in Theme Options - Header.

Ok. Solved. I thought the Header tab was about the header of the page, and not of the entries. Sorry and thanks.


I have similar problem, so I will ask the question here.

When I set top nav item hover color in Theme Options -> Header, that color becomes hover color for both primary menu (header menu) and all posts title on main page.

What I want is to have same color for links (regular and hover) in primary menu (header menu). I tried with custom css, but it didn’t work.

.navbar-default .navbar-nav a:hover {
   color: white;

What css code should I use in order to have different hover colors for primary menu and post titles?