Ultimate Member problem

I use the Ultimate Member plugin on my website. In the menu I can set which items will be displayed to logged in or logged out. Check image

If I install Shapely Companion then these options will disappear in the menu. Check image

If I deactivate Shapely Companion, then everything is fine. Is it possible to solve it somehow?


Please check if those options are not disabled in the Screen options on the same page, probably they need to be enabled again.

A workaround here might activate companion plugin after you setup your menu roles

You can be specific because I don’t know exactly what to allow


Check this out please:
What is Screen Options in WordPress make sure they are enabled from the screen options

I just checked it out. There is no option to enable this in Screen options.

I also solve this problem in the wp discussion. And they asked me.

Could you please ask the Shapely Camapnion developer if they have Mega Menu added to their plugin?


Sorry but no, our theme does not have mega menu options at all
In this case, you may deactivate our plugin while creating a menu and once you finish it activate our plugin again



I have checked there is no option to to enable the screen options.

Ok, got it, I guess you only have this option now, [quote=“colorlibsupport, post:6, topic:30236”]
In this case, you may deactivate our plugin while creating a menu and once you finish it activate our plugin again

I activate the companion plugin and create a homepage according to that tutorial
When I want to add a new item to the menu, I have to deactivate the companion plugin. I will set up a new item with the ultimate member plugin. Then I activate the companion plugin, but the homepage no longer exists.

Hi there

I’m sorry, please take my apologies but third-party plugins are not always working and they may have conflicts with the theme, at this moment we are unable to resolve such a problem and they are also not included in the support scopes :frowning:

I also started to solve this problem on wp forum. There a member of the “Champ Camba” is trying to advise me. He made a great effort to help me. He always has some questions on the developer of the companion plugin.
So I would like to post a link to the forum, where we also started to deal with it.
well thank you

Hi there

@mahendra.pratap4022 sorry for bothering you, if you have spare time, can you please take a look here?

Hi @colorlibsupport I’ll take care of it.

Thanks for informing me.

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Thank you so much buddy :slight_smile:

Thank you all.
Is it possible that it will be fixed?

Hi all,

Can anybody try shapely version 1.2.14 from Github as we have fixed this issue in the new version?
GitHub - GitHub - ColorlibHQ/shapely: Free multipurpose WordPress theme built using Bootstrap

I have tested it and it is working fine in this new version.
Please take a clone from here and let me know if you guys still facing it.

Colorlib Support

Hi please try the new version from github.


hi all
@ mahendra.pratap4022
Maybe I’m doing something wrong (I’m not an expert on git).
I completely cleaned up the shapely directory on my site.
I entered the directory /wp-content/themes/
I started cloning

sudo git clone https://github.com/ColorlibHQ/shapely

There is still a problem with the menu

I asked the developer of the ultimate member plugin to help me. I sent him the contents of the directories


He edited something and sent it back. I rewrote the old files with the new ones and now everything works. Then he advised me

You may contact Shapely theme developers or support team and ask about adding 'wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields' hook into their custom WP navmenu Walker classes.

Could I ask you for a hook?
very thx

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@gusto sure you can ask, It would be great if you can send that code to me so I can check what they have changed exactly, that way I can figure out what I can do in order to fix it.

I also created the issue here - Ultimate Member problem · Issue #33 · ColorlibHQ/shapely-companion · GitHub

Colorlib Support