Unable to edit contact section due to Illdy Companion

I am unable to edit the contact section of my website. The customizer report that I need to have the Illdy Companion installed in order to edit the description. When I click on the link in the customizer section to install the Illdy Companion it sends me to the recommended action section with no errors. The plugin is already installed according to the plugin page.

(I am currenty working on a translation to Swedish which I will send to developers when ready - never mind the language in the screenshots. I had the same errors before translation began)

When visiting the front page while logged in as an administrator the default description is showing (once again, don’t mind the language) :slight_smile:

The same is true with the widgets in the About section of the front page. While logged in as an administrator I see the default widgets showing even though none is activated in the customizer, while visiting as an unlogged user no widgets is showing unless activates in the customizer. I don’t feel like this needs to be addressed as a bug since it works as intended when widgets are installed in the correct widget sections, but it might be related.

While visiting the website as a normal visitor the default description is not showing.

See the attached screenshots

The website: https://ludwigsormlind.se

Yes, I suffer from the same issue as well. Everytime I try to edit both the contact us section details, I’m given ‘in order to edit description, please install Ilddy Companion’ and this is installed and activated! I have tried to de-activate, delete and install again without any success.

Also, I’m not allowed to change the latest news section, even though I have no use for the automated “If you are interested in the latest articles in the industry, take a sneak peek at our blog. You have got nothing to loose!”. Could you please help me in regard to this?

Just for info, I’m running the newest version of the theme and running the PHP version 7.0.25.

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I hope you are doing well today.

Please go to Plugins on the admin panel and ensure that the Illdy Companion plugin is activated also go to Dashboard > Updates and install any ending updates there especially and WordPress updates.

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Hello and thank you for answering! :slight_smile:

I have the latest version of all installed plugin, including Illdy Companion and Wordpress itself.

Illdy Theme version 2.0.4
Illdy Companion version 2.0.3
Wordpress version 4.9.1

Reinstalling the plugin by completely removing it and installing again does not help either.

Running the exact same versions as ludwigsormlind and have the same issue. Can’t change demo text in the contact section and neither in the latest news section!

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I apologize for the late reply.

This issue is bit strange as there are a few different site having the issue.
It could be the case that the issue is caused by a plugin conflict.
Please deactivate any third party plugins you have active and try to make changes once more.

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Hello there!

No need to apologize. This is a free theme so I don’t demand on-the-clock support and we are in the middle of the holidays too. :slight_smile:

I have tested my site without any plugins except Illdy Companion active and I still get the same result.

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Thanks for understanding.

As it goes for this issue there seems to be a disconnect with the theme and the plugin so I will have to notify our developer of this issue.

You can also add the issue via this link:

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I have the same issues and I have tried the same advice they give but I still do not know what to do.
My website is www.photofantasy.cl and the versions that i work are Illdy theme v 2.0.4 & Illdy Companion v2.0.3.

How did you manage to customize with the plugin?