Unable to install Real Estate 2

Paid for and downloaded the Real Estate 2 theme, but unable to add it to our WP site. Received the following error message

Please assist

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Im sorry but its not a WordPress theme, its an HTML template and you cant install it as a WordPress theme

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Thank you for your reply. Can we apply for a refund, or a credit, in order that we can purchase another theme (Homeland), as we definitely require a WP theme. Am I correct in saying Homeland is for WP? Please let us know what the options are and how to go about this.
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yes, you can, please use the contact page for such cases :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your reply. I did send a request via the contact us page on the colorlib site, on Monday already, as I did find another post where the person had the same issue. However I have no reply as yet, please could you follow this up for me. Orde number #COLORLIB2346
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Sorry, it will be answered as soon as possible, please take my apologies on this matter