Unable to see my contact form in home page


I just have created a child theme on my development environment.
I was a little disapointed because when I activated the child theme, I had to do all the customization with illdy all over again, from the customization panel (they were not kept from the parent theme).
I took me some time but nothing too hard, but the problem is that my contact form wasn’t showing up anymore on the home page. I use de contact form 7, and in my website online (the one in production, not in development) the contact form is here and works very well.
So I tried to use the contact form Kali form as it is recommended, but here again the form wasn’t showing up on the website in development, so I got back to the contact form 7 since this one works at least on the production site.
I want to create a child theme on my production site too, but since it broke the contact form I can’t do it now and I need to know how to put it again in the main page.

Thank you

Hey there

Sorry about this, try to use Kalli form instead of the contact form 7 which is more powerful and has better options