Unable to translate search, read more and post comments..


At first, I have to thank you for this great theme and also for the great support, as I am advising this forum often. I am building my website on Travelify 2.3.0, and I have the Wordpress translation in Greek language. But I couldn’t find a solution on translating “search”, “read more” button and no of post “comments” (before entering posts). I tried translating the travelify language, even change translation of Wordpress file but nothing happend.

My website is ecoengineer.gr where you can see what I am referring to. Any ideas on how I can translate those words in Greek language?

Thank you!


Sorry for late response. Your thread where marked as spam by Akismet.

I am completely certain that these fields can be translated as this theme is available in 17 different languages already. Did you follow this tutorial when translating this theme?

If you did follow all these steps and still it doesn’t work, please send me .po file that you have translated into Greek and I will have a look.
I would really appreciate if you would allow to use your translation for the next theme update.


No problem, thank you for the reply.

I made the translation for the theme (not the whole, just for specific words to check) based on the tutorial but I couldn’t make it work with the 6th step. The only way I found that works is to upload the el_GR.po translation to wp-content->languages and then the Wordpress admin panel gives me 2 different choices for Greek language.

The problem is that if I choose the theme translated version it changes read more, search and comments to Greek (what I am looking for), but looses the translation of plugins (such as jetpack comments) and wordpress login/register form. Another problem is that I use native dashboard for users, and they will see Engish as default language in dashboard with 2 Greek language choices, which is a bit confusing.

Is something that I am doing wrong? How can I fix it, so everything will be shown in Greek language?

ps. Attached find the .po file. I ll try to translate the whole .po file and upload it.

Thank you!

upload error in previous message

Try sending translation file via our contact form as it supports .po .mo and .rar file upload. Forum file upload is limited to images to keep it secure.

Will look into your translation and will check what is going on.


thank you for quick response. I have sent you the message with the translation. Please also check my reply above for the problems I faced with plugin translations.

Kind regards

Your translation appears to be working fine but you should rename translation fiel from:

el_gr.po to el.po as this is correct form for Greek language.

Once you are done with renaming translation files you can go to WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> General >> Site Language. There choose Greek language and save changes and it will take a little while but WordPress will switch to Greek language on backend as well as frontend. This will also apply changes for plugins that already have translation files included such as Jetpack.

You must use the latest WordPress version as language switching via Settings were introduced with version 4.0 and polished in 4.1. Also make sure that both el.po and el.mo files are stored in theme language folder.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi again,

Thank you for quick response. Actually this was the problem, file name without _GR. The problem fixed by renaming the files into travelify-el.po and travelify-el.mo and upload them into wp-content>languages>themes. So now it works fine! Thanks again. I will try to translate the whole theme and send it.

Best regards!


If you add translation files directly into WordPress core languages folder which is under wp-content >> languages >> themes you should name them differently ( travelify-el.po in this case) than you would add translation files to wp-content >> travelify >> languages (it would be just el.po).

Fully translated theme would be awesome! Thank you!


thanks for the information. That’s good to know.

Btw, I have completed the Greek translation and sending you the file by contact.

Best regards!

Everything looks great. Thank you! I have added your translation on Github and you can see it here. It will shortly be available on WordPress.org as well.

I have added you on Colorlib contributors page and you can see it here.

Thank you for helping to make this theme even better!


That’g great! Thanks a lot!

Best Regards!