Unexplained Color and Format Changes

For some reason, my site has changed. As you can see from the attached screenshot, In the “Services” section, where DESIGN used to be that magenta color, and is still showing as that magenta color, it is showing on the site as a dark gray color. The same is true of the other two services listed on the site, which are two different colors. I didn’t change the colors, and they too are showing as the other colors when I pull down the dropdowns.

Additionally, and this happened at the same time, the TESTIMONIALS section changed. The two dots at the bottom disappeared and now the two testimonials are simply stacked on top of each other, which of course is much less visually appealing.

Third, my counter widget doesn’t have any numbers showing up anymore at all.

All three of these just now happened all at once. Can you assist please?

And here, too, the colors have changed, etc. But they’re still showing as the other color. And even when I try to change them, refresh, delete my cache, etc., they still won’t change…


Hi there,

Apologies for the late reply on this.

Could we have direct links to the affected places on your site so that we can try and find out what is going on and if we can fix it up.

From your message the change seems to have been sudden. Maybe there was on a change on your server or wordpress area? Could you confirm and see if there was maybe a change in the PHP version in use, adding of some server side cache or an installation of some plugin as that might be the cause. Or maybe your site was restored from an earlier state.