Unite demo look, how to replicate it

Aigars Silkalns: wonderful themes, simple design and easily navigated.

However, when i sew the demo and then installed it, i did not get the look of what the demo had with the carousel and the info on the bottom.

I have been trying to replicate that for days.

Alo, keep in mind I am not a wp master, i create sites by hand-coding them with php, html, css, and javascript, so i know under the hood terms, but wp is a different beast. (just to let you know, I get frustrated with it)

There is no developer skills required to create website exactly like in theme demo. Basic user knowledge about WordPress dashboard is enough. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to setup theme like I have in theme demo since there is no custom code required.

First of all have a look at theme documentation where I have covered most important aspects of this theme: Unite Theme Documentation - Colorlib

Image carousel is powered by CPT Bootstrap Carousel plugin which must be installed in order to use it. You will see notification in your WordPress dashboard if you haven’t installed this plugin yet. If you dismissed this notification you can always check what plugins are required under Appearance – Install Plugins. (This is mentioned in documentation as well)

Front page is set to static page (any page) and then you can add Widgets via Appearance - Widgets. For theme demo I use “Unite: Popular Posts Widget”, Text Widget and Search Widget.

I am also having trouble replicating the demo. Any help? I dont have the option to select a menu to edit like it is show here in #3. Unite Theme Documentation - Colorlib
Any help is appreciated.

As you can see, I downloaded carousel. And still, it does not help replicate the menu on the demo.

I’d like to know how to remove the space between the top of the carousel and the bottom of the navigation bar.

I would also like to divorce the coloring of the slider caption and caption text and the Header element colors. Having them connected makes it so you can potentially lose contrast in the slider caption and text (especially when you have a dark background in the caption and slider text area AND a light site background with dark header element color.)

Here is the dev site: http://ryanclarkdesign.com/wdc/