Unite theme not fully responsive anymore`?

I realised that our website that used to be responsive is not anymore - posts are still responsive, so is the front page but all pages have all content (text and images= out from the screen, so horizontal scrolling is needed to read everything. sidebars are mobile responsive still. I see there are similar topics from 2018 December, is there anything updated? Can I add something to css to fix it?

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Please always include link to your website in the questions :slight_smile:

Sorry, link is here

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Everything looks normal for me, is this problem already resolved?
take a look at the screenshot

no its not normal, as you see the menu and header is ok but text on the page is going far right, so you have to scroll to right to see it.

Good morning Sandras

Sorry, but I don’t have left and right scrolling on your website, it behaves usually just like any other normal website… ?

Ok, I just discovered it here: Portfoolio - Luigelilled

Looks like this element, (Gallery) is the cause of this problem? can you please take out temporary and check the raw page?

I am using default wordpress gallery… I deleted gallery and saved the page, still same problem, text and form are both not mobile friendly. I also checked the post where we have gallery included - same problem, it is not responsive, so it must come from wordpress gallery.
I had “disable Gutenberg” plugin before (deactivated and deleted it now) but problem is still there…

I solved the problem. Seems that Jetpack gallery plugin and theme had some conflict.
I added following css to customizer:
@media (max-width: 768px){
#page .side-pull-left #primary {
float: none;

and now it works. Similar issue in forums here

Thank you for sharing solution Sandras, as I said before this is a problem that caused by the gallery

I will mark this ticket as a resolved