Unite WordPress theme translation / localization

In the theme " Unite " where I can Translate " add to cart" button ? e “items” txt ?
You can change the color of the navigation bar What time did the # 54397e ?


here you can read more about how you can translate WordPress theme.

Cart icon and surrounding text is part of theme and is included in unite.pot that you should translate. But “Add to cart” button is part of WooCommerce and not this theme but when you will switch WordPress to language you want to use you already see it translated since WooCommerce is translated in most if not all languages.

It is very difficult to use WordPress dashboard in one language and site itself in another language. You need to choose one language. Of course you can use plugin such as WPML. It is better to use it if you need multiple languages for the website and not just two different ones for dashboard and website itself.

Background color for navigation bar can be changed via Appearance - Theme Options - Header - “Top nav background color”

thanks the info … always friendly