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I use Tyche Theme on (under construction at this time). I have an issue: the “content-area-1” shows the category i’ve choosen, but it is shown unordered. I guess that the products are shown ordered by its ID in descendent order. It’s possible to order it by the order field?

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To do this, you can look into the use of a plugin. I believe the following is suited to your needs.

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Thank you for your fast response! But I don’t need order the categories… My issue is about the products order in the front page widgets from Tyche theme. I choose a category where I’ve ordered some products. In the “normal” Woocommerce loop list, products are shown ordered, but in the front page products are shown ordered by the default order (last item inserted is shown in first position). My question is if it’s possible to edit the query that loads the products for the front page widgets in order to confirm if the default order is the product ID instead the order field.

I attach some screenshots from the front page, the loop list and the admin.

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I have that same issue. I want change products order in the front page (widget content-area-1 from Tyche theme). I want order products by name. In shop site products are sorted correctly. Any suggestion?

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Anybody knows how to set the products order on Tyche’s theme frontpage? I’ve tried to edit the class-widget-tyche-products.php, but the products on frontpage are still ordered by date (maybe by ID?) descending, and I need to order it by the same order on shop site.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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