Update created issues with Jetpack

First, thank you for the Illdy theme. Until today, it was working wonderfully for me.

Today, I tried to update everything. Unfortunately, in doing so, it appears that something in the updates either to Wordpress, Illdy or Jetpack has broken the functionality of the theme. First, I just got the white screen when trying to go to ‘customize’, so as a troubleshooting measure, I deactivated all the plugins and started reactivating them one-by-one. Jetpack was the culprit.

I can’t remember exactly what order I initially did things in, but at one point, I got the full white screen, so I deactivated Jetpack through my server file structure. Then I uninstalled it. I thought maybe if I reinstalled, it might work. At first the reinstall was fine, except that the custom post type could not be activated as Jetpack wanted to connect to a wordpress.com account. I have one, so I did that. After connecting, I was back to my first problem where the "customize’ page was blank.

It would seem like there is some error that was made in one of the update codes? I really hope I don’t have to go back to square one with the site, but I suppose that is an option, but then I would probably try a different theme so as to prevent this same issue again.

If there is a way to resolve this without uninstalling Illdy and losing all my settings, that would be great.

Thank you.

Hi @minoue,

Based on what you are telling we could not replicate on our test servers to see what caused the problem. It could help us if you could provide some print-screens or a log error.