update issues?

My woocommerce pages stopped working after my latest theme update.
That is the only thing i can remember doing… is that possible?


I don’t see any issues with your WooCommerce store? Am I missing something here?

If i click on cart it doesnt go to the cart page… and also i had bought a product add-on for variations and now shows “add to cart” instead of “show options”.

I have resolved the issue.
Somehow, the “cart” and “checkout” pages went missing, so had to create them and insert short codes, [woocommerce_cart] and [woocommerce_checkout] respectively.

I think it was due to updating the woocommerce, maybe?

I also had about 125 items with product data variations which got set back to “simple product”, so had to set each one back to “variable product”.

Thank you for taking your time to look into this matter, helping out as always and recommending valuable feedback.

Do you have a donate button?

hi after updating the site automatically to 3.9.1, the widget area has gone blank and I have checked everywere has anyone else had this issue my site is http://sashheritagerestoration.com

@jothish Cart and checkout pages are sometimes not created automatically by WooCommerce. Not sure why but I have seen that behavior before as well.

The best option for donations is via PayPal where my ID/email is a.silkalns[at]gmail.com (replace [at] with @). Thank you!

@danamal I simple update shouldn’t do any changes to widgets unless you had modified WordPress core which is never recommended.