Update messed up my site

I updated the Shapely theme and it messed up my site as the parent css is overriding the styles set in my child css. Why is this and will it happen every time there is an update??


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Hard to say what could have caused this, there might have been changes made to the core theme that are no longer compatible with the CSS that was created.

Please try the following.

  1. Save your custom CSS code on a text file just to be safe.
  2. Activate the parent theme then activate the child theme once more.
  3. Copy the CSS back to the cild theme.
  4. if 1-3 doesn’t work. Remove the Custom CSS from the child theme css and add it to the addition CSS section of the customize options.
    Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

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Thanks for this. I have now made some changes to the child css in my local site and am hoping when I push to live it will be ok (at the moment my live site is using the previous version of the theme). I will try your suggestions if that doesn’t work.

I have experienced the same issues - survivetoalive.com.

  1. There is an additional header image that wasn’t there before on all the pages.
  2. My Insights/blog all have a tag next to the image that I can’t get rid off.
  3. At the bottom of every post the related post scroll buttons/bullets are above one another - it looks silly.

Please help