Update Problems

Hi there,

I´m looking after the following website auszeithawaii.de which is the site of a friend.
I made all the updates and also a backup. When I updated the theme “shapely” the homepage (start-site) suddenly was empty and just white.Also the logo were a different font. All the other sites were still working but the first entrance page were blown away (see attached).
I restored the theme via UpdraftPLus and so it works again. How can I update the theme without having this kind of problem?

Hope you understand and can help me :slight_smile:

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Hey there

strange problem, the question here is how can we see the problem since you already restored it?
we need to see actual problem to see the cause, is there any chance we can do it? do you have any modification in the theme?


I restored it because they need this page for the their business. But I can´t update the theme. There is no modification or CSS in the theme.


I an understand you but how can we replicate the problem? if its not there then we can’t say anything i guess,
another idea is to create a duplicate copy of your current site on the temporary domain and work on it, but this will require additional work from you to prepare such environment


I made a duplication of the System on an separated URL.
The Original is still: https://www.auszeithawaii.de/
And the Duplicate is: http://www.testhawaii.de/
As you can see I made the theme Update.
Do you need the Login data? Let me know if you need something else.

hi there

“Do you need the Login data?” - Yes indeed, i need them :slight_smile:

Ok hahaha
I thought this is “not” a private chat that´s why I didn´t send the data directly :smiley:

Here we go: User: akern_admin
Passwort: Gudetama2016

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

When it comes to updating the theme, you need to create and use a child theme for containing the changes to the theme. You can use the following plugin to make a child theme:

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thanks for your fast reply.

I installed it but I have really no idea what to do next. I´ve never work with child-theme to update a theme.
So I tested it but I think wrong.
Is there a manual or a video how to do it?

sorry for that

HI there

Is any modification done in this theme?

Hey Noda,

unfortunately no because I asked for a manual. I´m not that expert in creating child-theme :-/

Hope you can help me out.


There is a guide that can help you out. Here is a link to it:

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