Update Theme or buy commercial version

Hello from Germany,
we have been using the Dazzling theme since 2024 and have been very satisfied so far. Unfortunately, the theme currently only runs under PHP 7.4 - as soon as we want to update the PHP version, the site is broken. There are also problems with some plugins like Borlabs Cookies or WP Rocket.
Since it is not a commercial theme, we understand that there is no further support. Hence our question: Is there a commercial alternative that is similar to the Dazzling Theme? We have now modified the theme to such an extent that a completely new theme would be a very lengthy change. Or is there the possibility of a commercial version of the theme with support and updates?

Many thanks in advance.

PS: I had already sent an enquiry about this by e-mail, but have not yet received an answer.

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Hey there,

Please accept my apologies for this issue. We are aware of the problem and will most likely update our theme to make it compatible with PHP version 8.+.


That would be great, thank you! Do you have an idea, how long this will take?

Best regards

Hi Christin,

Sorry, I am unable to provide any estimates for this question.