Update to 2.0.8 broke my child themed site

I posted this on the Wordpress support forum- posting here too just in case…

I am running a child theme of Unite. When I update to v.2.0.8 from v.2.0.2 everything completely falls apart. It is a live site so I had to revert to the older version of the theme, but before I quickly reverted I did see an error message that said something about wp_bootstrap_navwalker not found. I have several custom templates in my child theme (including header.php). Your list of changes in the readme file is very vague- “fixed some prefixing, fixed some escaping, etc…) Do you have a more specific changelog that might list the prefixes that you did change and what specific template files were changed? I used Unite as a parent for a few sites that I customized and it would be greatly appreciated if you had more specific info that might help me track down all of the problems this update will cause. One of the sites is https://janphillips.com.

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We do not have a more specific changelog between these versions. However, I’d love to have a look at your setup and try to help. Could you set up a clone test and share with me some temporary WP login credentials.

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, setting up a clone will be a bit of a hassle. The hosting plan for the site is bare bones with no staging site included and no room for another database/wordpress install. I will have to find space somewhere else and port everything over. I will do this at some point- hopefully I will have some time soon. I know I can’t work this out on the live site as it completely falls apart with the update. Thanks for your offer to try and help- I hope to be able to take you up on it soon. I will post here when I have something set up. I also hope you might consider a more detailed changelog in the future…

Thanks again.

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Ok, let us know if you need anything else in a new ticket I will close this case