Updated Version 1.1 cause an error

I update the template to the version 1.1 but happens that the hover color of the social icon doesn’t work anymore. Do you know where I could change it in order to fix the problem?

I also get smaller social icons but I solve it adding the following code in Custom CSS in the Theme Options:

.social-icon {
    font-size: 32px;
    margin: 6px;
    color: #E8E8E8;

That actually it is the same in the CSS but I don’t know why it doesn’t work in the original CSS and I had to put again in the custom CSS.

Thanks for the theme and your effort!

This was major update, so there might be some other problems.
You are right about social icons on hover. Will fix it in the next update.

I recreated social icons in this version, so there might be some cached version on your browser and/or W3 Total Cache that made these icons small. Clean your browser and website cache and they will work just fine.

I cleaned the cache on Firefox and now the Social Icon are back again to the right size!

How could I temporary get the right hover color? I would like to see how it is (just a stupid request but you have to avoid it if you don’t have any time! :D)

No problem!

The easiest method would be like this:

.social_icon:hover {
    color: #111;

Just change color you want to use and add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS.

Thanks! It works!