Use read more not character count for posts in archive?


I set a read more in my posts, however it seems that the excerpts are using a character counter instead. How can I set up this them to just use the read more tag for excerpts?

The loop looks normal, and I didn’t see anything in the functions file?

Hi @pierrebalian,

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Do you mean you have used the following read more tag in the post content?


Could you please share me the page URL from your site where it’s not displaying correctly so that i can troubleshoot it?

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Hello Movin,
Thanks for the help.

Here is a link to the page, I did use the more tag in all of these articles, but as you can see it seems to be using a character counter instead because you can see some are cut off mid-word.

I just installed this wordpress and theme last week, I didn’t modify any of your loops and all of my plugins aren’t content related so I dont think it is from any of them.


You can try achieving this by using the attached custom child theme of shapely theme that contains some custom code.

Hello Movin,

Thanks for the help, using the_content instead of the_excerpt seemed to work.

I have attached an image. In it you see I have both loops in the template so you can see the issue.

On the top loop using the_excerpt you can see it trimming at some predefined word count. The read more link is a link with the class btn btn-filled. It is in its own div, and it falls below the text.

On the bottom loop, it is using your new code calling the_content. However the Read More is a link not in a div with the class more-link.

I compared the code of both links, and they look identical. I do not understand why one gets the correct class and the other does not? Looking at both loops they look identical while calling the read more link:

   the_content( sprintf(
                    /* translators: %s: Name of current post. */
                    wp_kses( __( 'Continue reading %s <span class="meta-nav">&rarr;</span>', 'shapely' ), array( 'span' => array( 'class' => array() ) ) ),
                    the_title( '<span class="screen-reader-text">"', '"</span>', false )
                ) );

Thank you for your help!

If you want to display both the buttons similar then try using the attached updated child theme of Shapely theme removing the previously provided child theme.