Using Child Theme Configurator plugin doubt

Thanks a lot for your amazing themes. This is the 2nd theme i’m using and it seems as good as the one before.
I’m trying to use Child theme configuration plugin and it gives me a strange note! i said before i proceed i ask about it in case it might cause problems afterward.

This theme does not require the parent theme’s style.css file for its appearance.

The Configurator selected “Do not add any parent stylesheet handling” for the “Parent stylesheet handling” option (see step 6, below).
I didnt get this! how come the theme dose not use style.css! can you please explain this for me!

the options on step 6 are:

1- Use the WordPress style queue.
Let the Configurator determine the appropriate actions and dependencies and update the functions file automatically.

2-Use @import in the child theme stylesheet.
Only use this option if the parent stylesheet cannot be loaded using the WordPress style queue. Using @import is not recommended.

3- Do not add any parent stylesheet handling.
Select this option if this theme already handles the parent theme stylesheet or if the parent theme’s style.css file is not used for its appearance.

which one i should chose!

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That’s basically how the theme handles CSS.

“This theme does not require the parent theme’s style.css file for its appearance.” - This is referring to a pre-made child theme (this plugin also has the ability to configure pre-made child themes along with creating child themes).
Also, the stylesheet not being required basically means that instead of creating an independent style sheet, it would just enqueue the parent theme’s style sheet.

The parent theme does require a style.css file, and it will be created with the child theme.

You may select Use the WordPress Style Queue just to be on the safest side, but going with the selected option should work similarly.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation !
I have 2 more questions but they are not related so i will create a new post :slight_smile:

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I am glad things were cleared up for you and I will be happy to assist with the other issues once you have posted them.

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